Types of Machetes

Machetes will often come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Through history and in most rural areas of the world, the machete has evolved to become in various styles as well as adaptations and features for certain uses and even environments. Below are some really popular choices of machetes that have been known through history.

Barong Machete

This is a type of machete that is quite well known for having a leaf shaped blade, which is only sharpened on one side. This a traditional cutting tool of certain tribes within the Philippine Islands. Many European colonizers were actually afraid of this blade because it could cut through a rifle barrel.

Billhook Machete

This is a type of machete that has a curved blade that is meant for chopping around various objects like tree trunks and stripping shoots and buds from branches. The hooked blade is actually sharpened in the inner curve and is great for cutting through vines and brambles.

Bolo Machete

This is a really popular machete in Southeast Asia where is part of farming. The bolo machete is a great harvesting tool for narrow row crops like peanuts, mung beans, soybeans and rice because of the bulge on the blade, which adds to the heft of the blade that provides more chopping power.

Bowie Machete

This is a type of machete that has a skinner tip that is used for skinning wild game. This style was named after Jim Bowie and it has become a real favorite among backwoodsmen and survivalists.

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