Ontario 22 Inch Traditional Machete

Being over 125 years in the making, and more than 60 years of designing and manufacturing the 1-22 Machete to U.S specifications, Ontario Knife has become a trusted name.  For this reason, their traditional machete is an excellent choice to look at for your collection. Their products are always high quality, and affordable.

The handle is an important aspect of any machete, as the best blade in the world can only work if you’re able to grip it properly. Ontario has designed this one to have a high impact shatterproof handle made from polymer. This allows it to be griped properly, without the worry of stress breaking the handle.

The blade is 22 inches long, making the machete a total of 28 inches long with the 6-inch handle. The blade is created using 1075 carbon steel with a Latin/Bush style and a black zine phosphate finish. Upon arrive, the blade has the primary grind, but need to be sharpened more for a fine edge.

If it is a quality machete at an affordable price you are looking for, then this is a good choice. You will find it’s less than $50, and after being sharpened will make a great cutting tool. Good for hiking, camping or other activities you may need to cut stuff.

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