How to care and maintain your machete

Care of a Machete blade:


If the blades on a Machete are stainless steel, they are going to be easier to care for. However, they can rust, they just do not rust as quickly as the carbon steel blades. You can oil the stainless steel blade regularly, but it is not a necessity. Stainless steel will let your Machete keep its bright and shiny appearance.

The carbon steel blade will corrode and rust much easier than a stainless steel blade, and this is the reason that you should always keep it covered regularly using a thin layer of oil, it will help in the prevention of rust build-up by preventing moisture from getting to the blade. It needs to be a non-detergent oil (a 3 in 1 oil is best).

Care of A Machete handle:

Having a wooden handle on your Machete may lead to being cracked, or even warped after it is expose to moisture. Applying lemon oil to the handle now and then can help to keep it in good condition, furniture polish will also work.

How to store A Machete:

You need to store your Machete in a place that has a dry environment, this is to keep your Machete from being damaged by moisture. Anytime you notice rust beginning, clean it ASAP, in order to prevent further damage. Do not store inside of the sheath, as this can create moisture, use sheath when in the field only. Should it become a necessity to store in sheath, apply a good amount of oil in the sheath first.

Always keep in-check all of the following:


  • Keep the blade sharp
  • Keep the blade oiled
  • Remove rust
  • Keep the hilt dry

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