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When you hear the word ‘Machete’ you tend to associate it with the Amazon jungles or difficult underbrush, but you’d be surprised to know that it is one of man’s oldest tools. The term has its origin in the Spanish word- “macho-which means strong” and is an axe/knife hybrid that has been used by travelers, by survivalists by mountaineers, for chopping sugar cane, splitting open coconuts, as weapons and even by agriculturists.

Not surprisingly then there are machetes ranging from Kukri-style with a reverse curve to a Bowie-style big knife –both of which have many uses apart from being good for combat. The Panga, the Parang, and the Bolo are excellent for wood chopping, hacking away at thick undergrowth, cutting down coconuts and more.

To be truly ready for anything, you want the best machete –one that has the ideal weight, the correct length, a nice sharp blade and one that’s made of good material.  Machete’s aren’t to be confused with other survival knives or other large knives such as a Rambo Knife.  You can find a really great Rambo knife guide here.  Some do prefer these types of knives to machetes because they are a bit easier to handle.  The Rambo knife is a type of Bowie knife.

Ka-Bar Black Kukri Machete

The Ka-Bar Black Kukri Machete weighs just 1.7 pounds, has a blade that is about 12 inches long and is easy to carry around. Its handle has a nice grip and a hole at the end to which you can attach a cord, a whistle, mirror or a fire-starter. It claims to be the ninth bestselling hunting knife with the sharpest of blades that remains that way for years and years.



Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus

The cold steel Gurkha Kukri Plus is made of high-quality carbon steel and can be sharpened to a high edge. Although it’s a little cumbersome to use while clearing low branches or bushes, it’s great as a general purpose blade or self-defence knife and can be used at close range. Its reinforced handle is useful for cracking nuts and acts as a good striking point for harmless attacking.

If you want a knife that is multi-functional then choose the Camillus Carnivore, which has an 18 inches blade. Titanium bonded, it can be used for cutting, wire cutting, sawing, chiseling and digging as well. It has a rubberized, ergonomic handle that gives good traction and the blade’s forward weighted balance makes it ideal for chopping through thick undergrowth, cutting tree branches and for other wood work.

Want to tackle tough jobs? Go in for the United Cutlery Hibben III Tactical Machete- its rigid and well-honed stainless steel blade -almost a foot long – and long laminated walnut handle that ensures a secure grip combine together to give the strength and power to tackle the toughest of jobs.

Ka bar machete


Condor Machetes

Condor machetes are great for agricultural use and as Condor knives have their roots in combat warfare. The Tramontina machete (often associated with Brazil) make good bush and sugar-cane machete because of their wide, hooked tips. Gerber, primarily known for its knives make machetes that make great agricultural tools.


These do come at a price but seem to be well worth it. However, if you are hard pressed for money, then the SOG MC04-N Tanto 10-inch machete could be a good bet. The Tanto- style blade made of black steel cuts through vegetation, while its serrated backside make it good for sawing, A nice to grip handle made from black Kraton makes it look great.


Obviously then, there is no one machete that will do everything—so while choosing your machete, think of what you want to do with it.


Condor machetes have been around since the late 1700s where they started in Solingen, Germany. A company in El Salvador began creating the Condor machetes in 1964, where they started making the highest quality machetes in the world. All of their products feature a leather sheath, made for heavy duty use. They have a torture ring where they test each machete for strength and flexibility, and any defects.


Out of all their products, the most popular are the Golok, Parang, and Bolo series. They range between $50 and $60 each, but they are well worth it being the best of the best.




This machete features a weight-forward balance design that provides the user more power and penetration with each swing. It comes with a steel blade and some come with a walnut handle that makes the grip strong and comfortable. It’s equipped with a leather sheath for your belt as well.


They are 19 inches in length, with a blade length of 14 inches. It weights 21oz.




Soon as you pick up this Condor machete you will realize why it’s among the best in the world. With it’s curved end that concentrates power to a small section, it’s powerful and hefty. The unique design of the blade helps prevent it from getting stuck in whatever it may be you’re cutting.


With a carbon steel blade, and walnut handle the shaft will be easy to grip and hold on to as you swing away. The balance is just as great as the blade, and it comes with a leather sheath. Overall it’s length is 24 inches, with a blade length of 17.5 inches. It weighs only 22oz.




This is the main machete, the workhorse behind them all. If you are heavy into the outdoors and need something that will make it’s way through anything you throw it at, the Bolo is it. It was created for aggressive use, chopping and slashing things away. It’s even got the strength to cut down a tree if needed, the thicker blade and pointed edge mixed with the weight, it’s a power house.


The sharp stainless steel blade is 15.5 inches in length, with an overall length of 24 inches. It weights 23oz.


If you are in the market for a new machete and you want one that will last you a long time, then th Condor machete’s are the ones to look at. Depending on how you plan to use it, you may prefer the Golok or Parang, but if you really need power, there is always the Bolo.

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